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Doing Business with TVA

The Tennessee Valley Authority is a Federal corporation and the nationís largest public power provider. We are glad you have chosen to explore doing business with TVA. As we continue to fulfill TVAís mission, we are looking for suppliers that can provide a competitive edge.

Supporting Diversity

We are committed to contracting via a competitive bidding process to the maximum extent practical. TVA also strives to maintain diversity in its supplier base by ensuring that qualified small, minority-owned, and woman-owned and Tennessee Valley businesses are able to compete for opportunities.

TVA may assist suppliers in qualifying for contract opportunities by promoting joint ventures, partnerships, and subcontracting relationships to aid in business development. Learn more...

Supporting Sustainable Acquisition (Green Procurement)

TVA is also committed to sustainable acquisition or buying "green." We are committed to buying products that have recycled or bio-based content, have a Water Sense, Energy Star, Federal Management Program (FEMP) or Low Standby Power rating, or are Environmentally Preferred, whenever they are available, meet TVA specifications and/or life cycle cost effective. In addition to buying "green," TVA wants to do business with suppliers that are environmentally responsible in their own day-to-day operations.

For more comprehensive Green Product Resources click here.

How TVA Chooses Suppliers

Generally speaking, TVA selects potential suppliers on the basis of qualifications, resources and capabilities, prior experience with the type of work and scope planned, and financial strength. Some of the key factors we consider in making contract awards are:

  • Price
  • Depth and breadth of inventory
  • Just-in-time delivery capability
  • Technical knowledge and expertise
  • Experience
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Ability to competitively furnish "green" products or services
  • Safety record
  • Financial stability
  • Innovative ideas that result in lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Valley Presence

As necessary for efficient and effective operations, TVA selects suppliers with demonstrated experience, qualifications, and products or services that meet TVAís requirements. TVA establishes strategic alliances with suppliers that are designed to leverage the strengths of individual companies to achieve ongoing benefits to each party. TVA is migrating to a Strategic Sourcing/Category Management Model to optimize its supplier base resulting in fewer numbers of suppliers and opportunities.

Getting Started

As you navigate through this site, you will learn more about how to become a supplier, and the requirements needed to establish and maintain an effective partnership that results in the lowest total ownership cost and best value.

Click here to register to become a potential supplier. Your information will be kept on file for 12 months, after which time you will need to re-register. Thank you for your interest in establishing a business relationship with us.

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